Blog #2

Two in a row. Hope you enjoyed the first one, if not you will definitely like this one, if not, then the third one, I promise.

Congress Directs FNS to Explore Use of Supplements in WIC  (on page 59)

WIC Eligibility of Multivitamins.—The Committee encourages FNS to prepare a report assessing the inclusion of vitamins eligible for purchase as part of the supplemental foods under the special supplemental nutrition program for women, infants, and children (WIC). Such report shall include: whether there are dietary deficiencies within the WIC population that could be enhanced through such inclusion; considerations regarding the implementation and possible health impacts of such inclusion; cost considerations related to such inclusion. This report shall be submitted to the Committee not later than 90 days after enactment of this Act.” Not sure why this hasn’t been given much fanfare, but if we are going to get serious about the growing malnutrition, health and wellness issues facing our country this could be a potential for real progress.  If proper nutritional supplementation isn’t at least a partial and affordable solution for those who aren’t getting what they need from a subsidized diet, than what is?  If the federal government recognizes the significant potential health and resource savings by helping those in need get proper nutrition, we can further demonstrate the great value our products deliver to millions of Americans who have access to them.  So I’m not sure why more aren’t excited about this first step? Get excited and email your elected officials about it, it only takes 30 seconds, you have 30 seconds, send the emails. I’ll show you how to do that tomorrow if you don’t already know. Another tease.

For those who prefer to be more pugilistic (I may be one of you), when doing our WIC/SNAP homework we found this, Eligible food items for SNAP:  Seems credible enough it’s a government source, right? The site says that DS aren’t eligible because of the 2008 Food and Nutrition Act. The reality is that the rule says no such thing. Whoops! While I’m not crying conspiracy. Crying doesn’t look good on me, I have emailed and asked how we can fix the inaccuracy. Please feel free to join me in doing that.

Happenings in D.C.

Was lucky to go to an event at the RSCC this am for Sen. Ted Cruz from Texas. Your personal political feelings aside it was an informative session. Discussed the agenda for this year, specifically Tax reform and Healthcare reform, no surprises there but was very clear on a number of other issues, two specifically stood out. The first is he said he is working very closely with the White House which if you told him that 8-months ago, he wouldn’t have believed it (kind of funny) and furthermore the communication from the White House is much better than it was under the last administration, even per his Democratic colleagues, though they’re still voting no on most everything. The second, is very relevant, it has to do with regulatory reform and the White House is looking for ideas, good ideas with “bang for the buck”, ideas that truly remove barriers for industries. IMHO, one of the biggest, if not the biggest are the States that have an activist plaintiff’s bar. We’ve already floated the idea of state preemption, but if you have other ideas, shoot me an email

Bye for now.

Welcome to my NPA blog. As this is the first entry, part of the foundation, of this communication vehicle, instead of prattling on about philosophy and what to expect, I figured I’d just fire out some information that may be of interest to you and yours from the world of dietary supplements, natural/organic, personal care, policy and so much more. I’ll prattle at a later date, I promise.

New FDA Commissioner Gottlieb Reorganizing Inspection Staff
Interesting to see how this rolls out, could be very good. The most effective way to oversee the supplement industry is to enforce the current law and aggressively pursue criminals that break it, so we applaud Dr. Gottlieb’s commitment to modernizing the FDA and making it more responsive to the consumers and manufactures of dietary supplements and natural products. Was a bit shocked that the former acting Commissioner (Dr. Califf) and I agreed on something. I’ll have more on him at a later date as he said some things on dietary supplements last week that were odd. I have heard that this is called a tease.

Washington Post confused on what’s healthy
My favorite part of the story is the picture where the cell phone is telling the woman in it what to eat.

Lactose Intolerance and Vit D levels link
Sounds like a case for supplementation because we all know, from Ron Burgundy that drinking milk in the heat/sunshine is a poor choice.

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